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Kelly Jones, owner of South Wind Equestrian Center and co-owner of Unbridled Connections, ranch manager and Equine Professional currently serving on a therapy team utilizing the Natural Lifemanship method, has been around horses most of her life.  Having been introduced to horses as a toddler, Kelly developed a love and respect for these gentle animals.  After graduating from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Kelly began a career in the retail industry as a clothing buyer and designer.  After having her first child, she was blessed to stay at home and raise two children while purchasing and developing Ponderosita Ranch in 1999, home of South Wind Equestrian Center.  Upon return to the work force in 2007, Kelly gained experience in veterinarian services owning an equine mobile vet clinic, helping build the Community Impact ministry at HCBC Austin, and learning the ropes as administrator to the LHISD Special Education Department, all the while running a horse boarding and lesson business on the side. In February 2013 Kelly decided to devote herself to the horse industry, teaching riding lessons, boarding horses and happened to attend Fundamentals Training in Natural Lifemanship.  After a 7 month internship with Tim Jobe, founder of Natural Lifemanship, Kelly returned to South Wind to develop the ranch into a setting to conducive to this life changing modality of trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy.  Today Kelly serves as an equine professional, with over 380 hours of experience in the last year, helping those affected by trauma experience healing and true life change.

Brent Shives, Co-Owner of Unbridled Connection, Facility Manager and equine professional trained in the Natural Lifemanship model , brings to the ranch a passion for people and animals.  Brent entered the work force and worked his way up to Operations Manager of a major downtown hotel in Austin, Texas.  After a terrible motorcycle accident, Brent decided to make a life change and resigned his position to pursue legacy work.  He happened upon South Wind Equestrian Center in January of 2016, fell in love with the ranch and horses, and decided to make this his life’s work.  Having attended Natural Lifemanship training, he decided to use his compassion and discernment, to help people heal from the affects of trauma in their lives, by working side by side with licensed professional counselors in a therapy team.  His natural ability to manage facilities and people makes him a valuable addition to the ranch as well, currently partnering with Kelly to help the ranch grow by purchasing the adjacent acreage and serving as Facilities Manager and co-owner.

Beth Lauren Parrish, is a Certified Horseman’s Association Level III Instructor for both English and Western. Out of the ten instructors in her group, Beth was awarded the highest level. She has taught thousands of lessons to over 500 students in the past 15 years.  Beth’s first official teaching job was at the prestigious Tripp Lake Camp in Poland, Maine landing her next at the Chelsea Equestrian Center in NYC. She was only one of three, out of 12 instructors who was allowed to school the lesson horses there. Beth created her own riding school in Southern California for 7 years before finally ‘settling’ in Texas, just outside of Austin. Beth holds a B.A. in International Studies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is the author of Inspired Riding and The String Keeper’s Wish, both available on Amazon.  For Beth and her students, riding a horse becomes as natural and immediate as breathing, eating, and sleeping. Beth’s clients develop their intuition so that they continually analyze and adjust to where their horse is at any given moment in a ride. Beth recently attended Fundamentals Training with Natural Lifemanship and happily joins our team to utilize her amazing discernment and sensitive nature to help people heal!

Testimonials for South Wind Equestrian Center:

Such a great place. My daughter loves it!!!! Kelly is awesome with her and she has learned so much. – Kim C

I have kept Glitter at South Wind for the past year. Kelly has always been so helpful and is always there when ever we need anything! Glitter has been super happy there. Her place is always clean and well maintained. She really cares about her boarders and their horses. I highly recommend South Wind if you are looking for lessons or a place to board your horse or both. – Dai W 

Kelly helped save our sweet Pistol's life. Shortly after we adopted him we found out that he had Cushings disease. We have struggled to keep weight on him and keep him sound. Kelly helped us come up with a management plan for his health and treated him like her own when we couldn't be there. Thank you Kelly and everyone at South Wind!! – Haylee P

My daughter has taken lessons here for a couple years and really enjoys it. Kelly is very patient, understanding and can turn everything into a learning experience or teaching moment for kids who need a little help with executive functioning skills. She meets you right where you are in the learning process and helps you meet needs you might have. Sometimes what you need is not always just to learn to ride a horse. We've appreciated this outlet for our daughter as a way to encourage the outdoors, learn new skills and build character and confidence. – Jill N

Kelly is a wonderful person, trainer, and instructor. She really cares about the people and horses. She's been working on training me and has given a lesson to my 6 year old granddaughter so she's great with all ages. The horses have a great place to stay. They all seem really happy. – Kristina V

Great place to board your 4 legged babies!! Staff is amazing and very caring. We were very blessed to find Kelly during our transition to the area. – Sharon E

Aly love, love, loved camp at South Wind Equestrian. She has a new passion for horses and we were so happy with her experience. – Dawn B

I have boarded my horses here for over 10 years, and have always received the best of care for them. This place is peaceful & relaxing for horses and clients alike. It is professionally run and a drama free horse facility where clients are encouraged to build long lasting relationships with their horses, and often find healing for themselves in the process. – Kelley H

Absolutely the best decision we have ever made. We love South Wind Equestrian Center and look forward to many more adventures ahead. – Wendy J

Such a peaceful place & very thoughtfully run. Kelly is wonderful – Crystal MWelcoming, peaceful, professional. Always a wonderful visit; my kids love riding here and the care SWEC gives the horses is top notch. – Molly E

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