South Wind Equestrian Center

Building Relationships both Horse and Human

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The riding lesson program is not just about learning how to properly ride a horse, it is also about learning about ourselves, enjoying the outdoors and getting exercise, creating and maintaining healthy relationships, perseverance during difficult and challenging moments, inner strength, creative problem solving, patience and communication.  Dressage is the core of our riding lesson program, which leads to success in all disciplines, with a correct seat and use of aids to develop the horse and rider correctly. We also offer jump and western lessons.

Private riding lessons are offered, with concentration on developing a respectful relationship with horses on the ground and under saddle combined with a balanced seat and correct use of leg, rein and seat aids at all three gaits. Safety is our top priority and helmets are required for all riders.  Students  also learn basic horsemanship with ground work, grooming, leading, and tacking up, as well as common horse parts and terminology.  Lessons are taught using both English and Western tack and include learning both direct reining and neck reining techniques.  Beginners are initially taught on a lunge line in the round pen, developing muscle memory, strength, confidence and balance.  After they gain balance, control and confidence with their improved riding abilities, then they advance to independent reining in the round pen and the arena. The lesson horses are safe and  well trained, and we do use snaffle bits to teach correct use of the rein.  We will work with adults or children, any level of riding ability. 

Private lessons are offered weekdays and Saturdays at $60 per lesson for one student with two students $90 for a one and a half hour lesson. 

Our Instructor

Kelly Jones, Owner, Ranch Manager, Riding Instructor and Equine Professional,  has been involved with horses from the time she was a toddler on her great-grandmother’s ranch.  As a young girl, Kelly volunteered at a stable in Beaumont, Texas, working as a groom where she took her first riding lessons and learned horsemanship and horse care.  As a teenager Kelly was blessed to have the opportunity to ride horses and explore the outskirts of Durango, Colorado, from dusk until dawn.  After obtaining a Bachelors degree in Marketing at Texas Tech University, Kelly began riding again with friends while working as a clothing designer and buyer for several large retail stores. In 2004, South Wind Equestrian Center was created, and she began boarding horses and teaching riding lessons, as well as training a limited number of horses, following the methods of such horseman as Buck Branaman, and Tom Dorrance. 

Kelly rides both dressage and trail, and continues to explore the mountains of Colorado when able.  In addition Kelly trains people and horses!  The correct instruction of horseback riding serves to help horses comfortably carry riders and riders correctly communicate their intentions to their equine partner.  Horseback riding should resemble a dance.  Both are willing, both are interested in learning and both are tuned into the needs of the other.  

Kelly teaches with both a dressage saddle and bareback pad, integrating leg and seat aids, teaching on a lunge line until the student is ready to add the rein aid.  We have several round pens, a large lighted arena and trails.  Students ride a variety of horses in order to learn how to sit different gaits and adapt their riding to the horses.  We have safe, well-trained lesson horses that are not burned out.  

With a focus on building relationships from the ground up, Kelly brings a better harmony to both horse and rider, and strives to help students and owners build a bond with their equine partner.  Kelly has attended multiple clinics and continues to learn from journals, clinics and fellow trainers. Her attitude is "you will never learn everything there is to know about horses".   Horse behavior is one of her specialties, along with horse management.  In February of 2013 Kelly decided to devote herself full time to her ranch, and work tirelessly to bring the joy of a relationship with horses to as many as possible. On that journey Kelly attended a Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals training and was privileged to intern at Spirit Reins with Tim Jobe for 7 months. Bringing the healing power horses to humans, is her life's goal. Kelly has attended many clinics and symposiums including Anne Gribbons, Lendon Gray, Jeremy Steinberg, Janet Foy, Steffen Peters, Lisa Wilcox, Stephen Clark, Christoph Hess and Hilda Gurney. She belongs to AQHA, USDF, USEF, ADU, ATA, AHA, IDSHA and Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.  

Kelly teaches using dressage as the foundation, emphasizing development of correct seat and use of aids.  This foundation is necessary for success in any discipline!

Horseback Riding Lessons and Horsemanship