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Get out of the conference room with the power point presentations and offer your team and future leaders the opportunity to have a fun and hands-on experience at a horse ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin!  We offer Leadership Development and Team Building opportunities.  Being an effective leader in the corporate world today requires a unique set of skills, very different from those of former generations. Employees are looking for more meaning, purpose, skills and growth in their everyday work life. No longer beholden to long term contracts with their employer, they will seek out new opportunities if necessary.  In this environment, business leaders must find new ways of working with and reaching their teams. The speed at which the world moves now demands greater creativity, innovation, intuition and results from companies in order to positively affect client satisfaction and the bottom line. This pressure causes a great deal of chatter in over-active and over-stimulated brains which causes stress and anxiety. In that stressed state, we lose our connection to our deep values, creativity and ability to think clearly.  And that is where the horses step in to give immediate authentic feedback necessary to actually experience what it feels like to connect, lead and feel confident during decision-making.

At South Wind Equestrian Center our focus is on healthy relationships.  We strive to achieve that through a number of activities including private one-on-one coaching sessions utilizing Equine Facilitated Learning activities, private and group equine experiences for families, parents, social groups and businesses and offers consultations for horse owners.  Decades of interacting with horses on a daily basis has given Kelly a huge base of knowledge pertaining to horse behavior, human and horse relationships, herd dynamics, and horse management and care. In addition Kelly has attended training with Natural Lifemanship and has over 650 hours of work with licensed professionals in therapy teams, as well as with working with individuals and groups facilitating EFL sessions, facilitating retreats and co-facilitating workshops and clinics.

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) experiences are fast becoming one of the ways to reconnect and become more productive. Highly sought after and effective, EFL provides a unique and memorable experience for you and your team, a natural way to learn new and important skills to become a successful leader, and work within a team. Horses teach us to set healthy boundaries and to effectively confront challenges while staying connected in relationships. It is necessary to stay focused on goals and communicate intention with horses  and this increases our ability to make decisions with clear insight.  When we reconnect with ourselves, and get out of our brains, we are able to access creativity and intuition and have healthier relationships!

About Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones, owner and founder of Ponderosita Ranch, home of South Wind Equestrian Center and Unbridled Connection, found this beautiful oasis tucked in the Texas Hill Country in 1999.  Kelly experienced her first horse as a 2- year old on her great grandfather’s farm outside Fort Worth and as soon as she could, began working at a stable, earning riding lessons.  After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Marketing, and enjoying the corporate life for several years, Kelly moved to the Austin area and discovered Ponderosita Ranch.  Having been a city girl most of her life, it was certainly a learning experience!

In 2004 Kelly opened a riding lesson program and over the years noticed that there was so much more to these beautiful sentient beings, than simply a vessel to ride on.  Her clients experienced not only the joy of learning to ride, but also the joy of relationship and connection.  In 2013 Kelly decided to devote herself full time to the ranch and developed an equine focused program in which humans learned amazing principles about themselves along with their knowledge of horses.

Today Kelly is a equine professional, specializing in relationship work with horses and humans, focusing on bringing attunement both to self and to others through allowing the horses to teach and guide us through re-connecting with personal power and instinct.  Horses teach us so much about relationships, leadership, staying present in conflict, healthy boundaries, paying attention to non-verbal cues, tuning into whether we are present, how to control our emotions and not let them control us, learning that our emotions can be a state and not become a trait and how to value each member of the herd for their invaluable role.

Kelly serves as an Equine Professional on multiple therapy teams utilizing the Natural Lifemanship modality of Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with over 650 hours of working with clients in a therapy team as well as one-on-one in Equine Assisted Learning, is a facilitator of retreats, leads leadership and corporate team-building events, was a riding instructor for 18 years, having attended multiple clinics and workshops for dressage and bio-mechanics, and has owned and managed South Wind Equestrian Center and Ponderosita Ranch since 1999.  Kelly also works with clients and their horses either at the ranch or on site at the client's barn, and is an expert on horse behavior.  She loves working with horses and people and leaving a legacy of life-change that will affect generations in our community.

Kelly has attended many clinics and symposiums including Anne Gribbons, Lendon Gray, Jeremy Steinberg, Janet Foy, Steffen Peters, Lisa Wilcox, Stephen Clark, Christoph Hess and Hilda Gurney. She belongs to AQHA, USDF, USEF, ADU, ATA, AHA, IDSHA and is a foster home and inspector for Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.  

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