South Wind Equestrian Center

Bringing Connection Back

​Full Care Horse Boarding

The first thing we hear every time - wow, your horses look amazing!  That is because our priority is happy healthy horses!

We are an exclusive, private, professionally managed, full care boarding facility located north of Austin in Leander.  We offer a peaceful park-like setting in a Central Texas tree covered oasis.  We are convenient to Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill and Georgetown. What makes South Wind Equestrian Center different?  Quality of life, not quantity of boarders! We offer full care horse boarding in large lounging paddocks to a limited number of horses.  We strive to ensure that there is never overcrowding in any paddock, avoiding under feeding and pasture dings.  Over 17 years of horse boarding experience along with the study of horse behavior has taught us how to populate each paddock not only to maximize the safety of the horses and their owners, but also to ensure a peaceful coexistence between the horses living in each paddock. They are able to eat, play and live with horses of similar temperament and personality, which makes for happy horses in a family/herd environment! Horses are social animals, and thrive when they are allowed to live in family units.

We feed the highest quality grain and coastal bermuda grass hay in an organized and consistent manner three times daily, plus we will feed your horse supplements you provide at no extra cost.  Our services are second to none, with attention to detail and true knowledge of horses and horse care. We have been here for 17 years, and most of our boarders have been with us for several years, all willing to provide references for the quality of care in this no drama, quiet, peaceful and fun facility. Space is limited, please call for a tour.  We are very picky about making sure that the horses here are friendly, and so are their owners, so be prepared to provide references. Preserving the calm, relaxing, safe and friendly atmosphere is crucial to maintaining what this barn has built over the years, and we are serious about protecting it. 

Our philosophy mirrors this quote… "In general, horses thrive best when there is room to move around and fresh air to breathe - regardless of the season. Movement helps keep the equine’s musculoskeletal tissues limber and strong, the digestive tract motile and the respiratory tract healthy."  (Horse Magazine – Nov. 2012)

Rate: $550 per month for full care horse boarding.  We do not offer packages.  It is a set rate.  Includes:

* 70' x 200' Lighted Riding Arena, regularly raked, with washed river sand footing that drains well
* 60' Round Pen with manufactured sand footing
* Eight large paddocks 
* Shelters and trees in paddocks for shade and protection from weather
* Clean and well organized tack room
* Wash rack
* Always horse quality coastal Bermuda hay free choice or three times daily, same supplier 17 years
* High quality feeding program, horses fed 3 times daily with supplement feeding available with owner-provided supplements
* Clean water with automatic float valves
* Mineral blocks in every paddock
* Trail riding opportunities on site and trail obstacle course
* Free Trailer Parking 
* Several riding instructors are available on site to work with you on our lesson horses or on your own horse.  Trailer in's are available 
* We provide handling services for vet and farrier appointments 
* We will fly spray once a week, and treat minor wounds at no additional charge
* We keep track of all farrier appointments and remind owners
* We provide wormer and will worm horses at no additional charge with rotating product
* We use fly predators for fly control, and regularly muck out the paddocks
* We offer blanketing in the winter as needed


"Kelly has been taking care of my horses since I moved to this area 6 years ago. Unfortunately  through no fault of Kelly's or her staff, I had to have my son's horse, Stormy, put down at age 27 a year or so after I moved the horses to Kelly's. My son & I still miss & love our Stormy but he is well & running in a beautiful meadow. Kelly still has my granddaughter's quarter horse/mix & Dr. T just commented this past Fri that he is in excellent shape for a 32 year old horse. This is the first time the horses have not been in the pasture behind my house & I miss that so much. But the plus side is that I found Kelly, really it is a God thing, & life is good for Champ & me. Scott is excellent, Dr. T & Dr. Whitaker are simply outstanding so life is good for Champ & me. Old Nana can no longer lift the feed bags but Nick is my main man & I appreciate him so much. Lots of words but just wanted to tell you that you & your horses are in a great place with Kelly. The stables are a great place for the horses & the friendship with other owners is so uplifting. If you haven't met my "performance horse", Champ, he is the sorrel with the sway back who likes to get in every bodies business. Thank you, Kelly & God bless all of you!!" - Helen

"Bailey and Sugar thrived at South Wind. They would still be there if we hadn't found our place where they could join us. Love living with my horses, but if I couldn't do that they would be with Kelly Smith Jones at South Wind. Where horses are allowed to be themselves and partnerships with their riders take place. Thank you Kelly for all you did for us and our big babies." - Carla